Man and the Space

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When God created man on the earth he knew exactly the outcome of it, he did not make mistakes for God it was so natural. The possession of the land was full of every goodness of things, animals, vegetables, fishes, birds, fruits, food for feeding, man being the supreme creature among all the other creations of the planet, earth was given and has dominion on all other creations and space apart of God the space will be of no importance. Man can do many things for instance the minerals are explored by man, some of the materials which man found on the earth help him to invent machines contributing for the guinea sakes of mankind. There was no need for a man to think or see except that he or she sufferers in the point that he or she could not be able to help themselves or keep able of coming out from a situation that seems totally hopeless. The reason why I say so is because people see trouble all over and they make unreality come true, indoor to do things really works. The bible says a man is what he thinks he is, if you belief in sickness you will always be sick, people should be able to asked this question "Whom am I"?

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Aroh Donal Moki

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Religion / Théologie